utorok 20. januára 2015

Reparation conditioner with Jojoba oil and Jojoba Shampoo - for very dry of frizzy hair.               This products have amazing smell. I love bath with jojoba oil!
Brillance Shampoo - all hair types.I think that it is better for dry hair. When I used this shampoo,my hair were more fatty.
Shower gel with magnolias flower from China.
Argan oil - Moisturizing conditioner - for all hair types.Today I'll test this conditioner. I think that it will good because argan oil is very good in the hair products.
And waterproof eyeliner in brawn and green color. I am disappointment because blue color is black and brown color is also black. You can see it under the picture. 

The body lotion pear in caramel.

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